Minnwest Bank Vlog

Vlog Series
About This Project

Minnwest Bank wanted to stand out from the traditional banking industry as a part of their new building and grand opening in downtown Rochester. After several ideas were thrown around we landed upon creating a 6-part vlog series that followed the Rochester team as they prepped for the big move and involvement in the community.


We wanted to show the personality behind banking at Minnwest bank and how their staff were members of the community and just want to help you with your financial needs, they weren’t some stuffy unapproachable bank. Each episode had a portion of showing the new buildout, but the main content focused on the Rochester community and small businesses in the area.


The end result showed Minnwest Bank as they truly are, a fun, relatable, and knowledgeable team of bankers that love their community and their customers. Not only did the staff and participants in the vlogs love them but it helped them break into the downtown Rochester market more powerfully.