Nissan of Rochester Commercial

TV Commercial
About This Project

The Penz family is a household name in Rochester and this project was one of three ads for the dealerships under the PENZ Automotive branch. The ads needed to be eye-catching, unique, and easily identified by branding who they were a part of. The Nissan branch specifically is all about technology and a youthful approach to the automotive industry which we needed to portray.


For the ad we combined an interview from the owner as well as showing the customer experience at Nissan of Rochester. From the friendly and knowledgeable staff to the beautifully crafted vehicles they offer. Not only does the ad promote Nissan and why they are unique but also shows off the PENZ Automotive group as a whole and what their vision for the industry is.


The finished product was a fast paced tech inspired ad that accomplished just what we were aiming for. They really appreciated how the ad was an excellent stand alone piece but also complimented our other ads for PENZ for they Buick/GMC and Subaru branch. Projects that include multiple videos allow us to make a powerful and synergizing combination for viewers.