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Everyone should have a Company Story video for their business. From the fourth generation family business passing the torch to the start up entrepreneur to the giant enterprise. Every Company has a story to tell and a reason they do what they do. What makes them stand out from competition, the services they offer, and the people that are behind the brand. We want to connect and know who we are working with. People will resonate with your story to the values your company lives by. After they watch this video we want to leave someone thinking “This seems like a great company, full of great people and I want to support what they are doing.”

Minger Construction Company Story Video

How to use a Company Story Video

A Company Story video can be used in many ways and put in a lot of places to be seen. Many companies add these videos to the home page or about us page on a website. You should pin them to the top of your social media. Add them to your company’s email signatures. Post it to YouTube and Linked in. Play it at a job fair, trade show, or event. Use it in your sales process when going up against other companies. Wherever someone is going to look up and find something on your company, place this video. We try to make these as evergreen as they can to last for many years to come.

Why a Company Story Video

We live in an ever growing fast paced world and people don’t have the time or patience to look through expansive websites or listen to salesperson pitches. You need to give them something that they can easily digest and that doesn’t take very long. The purpose of marketing & branding is to create a customer who is ready to buy! All you need to do is make that product or service available. The world is also sick of the gimmicky sales videos. The uncomfortable, scripted videos that you can tell are disingenuous. People are sick of you pushing your info on them and that’s also why an organic longer form story video is so impressive. Do something different that makes you stand out and let people sell themselves on you and your company.

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