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How It Works

How does video production work

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This stage is often overlooked but is the most important element of video production.  We want to sit down with you and develop the concept of the video. Strategic planning will take place to figure out who the target is and how they can best be reached. We want to learn what your story, audience, goals, and challenges are.  We can then better plan out who is needed, what they will be doing, and where everything will take place for the video. Preparing a shot-list will make production day go smoothly and ensure an efficient production day.

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The production stage is where the rubber meets the road and the pre-planning pays off.  Our crew will arrive on-site with the necessary equipment and get to work actually filming the project.  Whether it’s a commercial or a documentary style film our team has the experience.

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Post Production

Following the days of the shoot comes the post-production stage.  This is where your story will come to life. Video editing includes several steps to ensure your audience will feel your message.  Music design is HUGE as it drives the pace and emotion of the production and can make or break the video. Including visual and sound effects is essential in engaging the viewer and making them feel as if they were there.  One of the finishing steps to editing is colorization and color correcting. Matching all the shots from different cameras and locations and times will assist in the continuity and flow of the film. This step can also be curated to match the color branding of your company.  All these things are poured into the raw footage from production day and crafted into the final product.

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What’s the point of creating a beautiful video if nobody gets to enjoy it?  This is the stage where we distribute the video and ensure we reach the target audiences desired.  We stay on top of all the best ways to market your video as the internet is constantly changing. From navigating the process of posting on Facebook or Youtube to LinkedIn we will find the ideal platform for you and make sure your story is consistent across all platforms.

Let’s get your project started today. We look forward to hearing from you.