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Our team at Media Core of Rochester, Minnesota can help your company create specialized internal communication videos that can be used internally or for a specific audience. When people think of video it’s usually associated with a commercial or marketing video. However, video production is a great way for internal communications as well. The most common type of Internal Communication Videos are training videos.

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What Are Training Videos

Training videos are exactly what you think: specialized videos made to train a specific audience on how to perform, achieve, or do something. They can cover any topic and have many benefits above real-world training.


They’re a great way to align your people through engaging, important, and bite-sized video content. Also, given that you can track how many people are looking at the content (and even who) you’ll have insights into what topics are resonating and what ones are falling flat. As well as if the training you want done is being done.

Benefits of Internal Communication Videos

The videos can be replayed and paused to ensure maximum impact on the viewer

These videos save money because they remove the need for in person trainers.

You need to move prospects down the sales funnel faster

These videos ensure nothing is left out and avoid human error unlike live training.

These videos increase your reach if you offer a training service.

These videos allow you to be as creative as you like in the presentation.

These videos ensure that the experience stays with them which is important for training.

These videos provide clear instructions for products too large or complex for live-action

Why Use A Internal Communication Video

Companies that have high turnover positions can save so much time and energy doing videos. Many times, someone will have to go over the same training for every new employee. Creating a video series that walks a new hire through all your training and operations will relieve the trainer of having to do the same thing over and over. We all know that time is money.

5 Most Common Types of Internal Communication Videos

Corporate: For internal staff, whether it be a guide to interacting with customers or a managerial course for getting the most out of your team.

Health and Safety: What to do in the event of an emergency, such as a fire evacuation plan for a building or CPR training.

How-To Guide: Anything from how to build a shed to how to operate equipment.

Software Screencast: A simple recording of a computer screen controlled by a professional who shows and describes how to use a certain piece of software.

Product: Many products can be complex, and this is a way to train all kinds of people on what the product is and the benefits.

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