Project Hightlight Video

An authentic way for clients to share their positive experiences with your brand.

Project Hightlight Video

Our experienced team at Media Core of Rochester, Minnesota helps companies with all their project highlight video production needs.  Think back to the best projects that you have been a part of. After you’re finished with those projects what do you have to showcase them? What do you have to help sell your next project? Some photos, maybe professional done, possibly a written review from the client?


What we do is document the process from start to finish, and show off what you can do in a video. Imagine your best projects with video throughout capturing the quality of work, the different stages, your team on camera speaking to what’s being done and why and to top it off we get your client on video talking about their great experience working with you. They were on time, on budget, had great communication, updated us through the experience, worked with us on challenges, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Now imagine all of that in a 2-3 minute video that is easily digestible and will help your future clients make the right decision for their next project!

Ag Solutions Project Highlight Video

How We Create A Project Hightlight Video

Taking the time to find the correct client willing to be on a testimonial is crucial. It is difficult to find volunteers to be on camera which is why we focus so much on creating an easy and lighthearted experience for the testimonial. So, once we have the client setup to give the review on your business we make the conversation natural and organic which puts the client at ease and is much more powerful than a scripted review on your product or service.

Why Create A Project Hightlight Video

Customer testimonials have been popular among marketers for ages. And with good reason. The modern version of this practice— the testimonial video —takes its effectiveness to the next level. They are some of the most effective marketing tools available.


A testimonial video creates a deeper and more emotional appeal for your brand. Video gets to viewers’ hearts right away as consumers can’t relate as well to text.


One of the main goals when communicating with your audience should involve building trust and credibility. Customers don’t just want to know that you can solve their problem, they want to be sure that you can solve their problem better than anyone else; and with 92% of customers looking at reviews before they make a decision it’s very important.

McGough Construction

Success Story

McGough Construction is an established builder of great things. They have a grand portfolio and a very large and growing team, however not enough people know this about them. McGough wanted their community and the nation to know what they were capable of and we had just the way to do it.

Their recent project, a $970 million facility on the shores of Lake Superior, was near completion and was an excellent model to showcase. It had hundreds of employees and laborers working on it at any given time period, it was in their niche of healthcare, and it was absolutely gorgeous trucking along through the pandemic supply issues over the course of three years.


Their marketing team and ourselves sat down to talk about the best way to approach this showcase. We knew we wanted to make the most of this one-time unique build so we decided to create multiple videos off just one visit. We wanted a full form project highlight including interviews from the project lead, a superintendent, and even a testimonial from their client plus a short form project highlight for different distribution purposes.


Shoot day came and gone as our crew captured a massive volume of video footage, drone shots, and interviews. The stunning beauty of the lake combined with the grandiosity of the build made for footage that was perfect.


Back at the editing bay the videos started to really come to shape, we ended up extending the full form video while still keeping it engaging as it was such a memorable piece and video to watch. The flexibility to make changes like that is in part why clients enjoy working with us as they can trust our judgment to make the best decisions for the project, even if that means changing the scope slightly. The short form came after and was a great compliment to the full form video, the two creating a powerful example and showcase of McGough construction and their capabilities for years to come.

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