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Our experienced team at Media Core of Rochester, Minnesota helps companies with all their recruitment video production needs. Time and time again we hear the stories. Needing people, spending too much to get them, the ones that get hired on leave because it’s not what they thought, and on and on it goes.


We have figured out a way to assist with these issues. Unlike recruiters that are trying to just put a body in your organization and recruiting sites that will gladly take your money to have your listing above others, we are going to not only help you attract more people but the right people that will stay. We need to think about a potential employee…what do they need to see and hear to want to take the next steps. Let’s show them why you are different. Show them what they would be doing and the environment they would work in. It’s a visual job description that connects all the dots and on top of that you give them a look into what it’s like to work for your company.

Wieser Brothers Recruitment Video

Benefits of  a Recruitment Video

Video is an excellent way to promote jobs and highlight your company as an employer—but why?

Here are three reasons:

Video is engaging. Humans are visual creatures. Visual storytelling helps us to better comprehend and retain information and is the format that’s most likely to pique a potential new hire’s interest.

Videos encourage sharing. Companies often rely on employee referrals to scout out talent. Because people seem naturally compelled to share well-crafted video content, your employees will likely share your recruiting video on their personal social media platform, reaching a broader audience range.

Video Increases Application Activity. According to a research by CareerBuilder, job postings with videos are viewed 12% more than those without video content. The same research also concluded that companies have a 34% greater application rate when they add video to their job listings.

The Ultimate Recruitment Video

The best recruitment videos are more than just entertaining, they’re an accurate representation of the company culture. Whether you opt to take the silly route or a more traditional approach, the most important thing is that the video truly represents who you are as an organization.


Video already dominates social media, and soon it will take over recruitment too. Leading companies are already creating recruitment videos and using them to achieve their talent acquisition goals. Using videos in recruitment is definitely one of the recruiting trends you should implement in 2021 and beyond.

Wieser Brothers

Success Story

Wieser Brothers is a family-owned general contracting business started by two brothers founded in 1994. They have over 160 employees but still needed more as they were growing and getting ready to have the second generation take over the business. We had initially chatted with them because their online presence could have been stronger and they were on a recruitment push. That was the perfect opportunity for a Recruitment Video, so we got to work planning and walking them through every step as it was the first time they were trying professional video. The video consisted of interviewing employees with different positions and a variety of time served with Wieser to reach a wider audience, though still fully focused on the messaging of why Wieser Brothers was a great employer and why others should consider joining the growing team.


The results were immediately noticed as they were hiring 2-3 new employees per week right after the video was live! The video had encapsulated who Wieser Brothers was and why it is enjoyable and rewarding to have a career with them. This lead to the owner asking us very shortly after the Recruitment video was published, “Where is the Company Story at, let’s get that posted too.” It was quite funny as we had not even begun or had a Company Story in the sights at the moment, but he was so excited to have it done, so we got right on the planning phase for another video.


Now their completed Company Story is the first thing you see as you visit their website. As you go further into their career page the Recruitment Video is front and center. They published both on facebook and youtube to get even more organic reach using the tips we provided them. Taking distribution seriously after the fact is crucial for a successful video. There is also power in continuing to create content as we can build up your library of footage and access it in future videos to create even better projects with longevity.


One additional benefit we often see with Company Story projects is the videos become a fine legacy piece. For the owners or management to have a video showing their accomplishments, growth, and employees that will live on even past them

Our Recruitment Video Production Blueprint For Success

Make it fun: Avoid the boring corporate business language and shabby buzzwords. Make your recruitment video fun - both for your employees and your potential job candidates. Start with your employees. It is important that your employees have fun while making your recruiting video. Their energy will shine through and captivate your potential candidates with its authenticity and good vibes. Don’t be afraid to use humor!

Make it Conversational: Instead of having employees recite your company’s mission statement over and over with a bunch of corporate jargon, ask them interesting and personal questions. This helps keep an organic approach to the video vs inorganic stuffy content.

Make it short: Recruitment videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. Even if you create a great, captivating recruitment video, odds tell us that most candidates won’t watch the whole thing if it is longer than five minutes.

Have a Call to Action: To have a successful recruitment video you need to tell prospective applicants what to do after watching your video. Do you want them to check out open job positions? Read your Career Blog? Visit your career site? Join your talent Network? Prospective employees need to know how to proceed, and you do this by reiterating a concise, strong, call to action.

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