TV Commercial Production

Convert passive viewers into engaged prospects for your products or services.

Media Core of Rochester, Minnesota has the imagination, business insight, and production expertise to transform your ideas into persuasive a tv commercial and ads.


We create high-quality commercial videos for ambitious businesses of all shapes and sizes. Every commercial video we produce, no matter what scale or genre, is designed to be an engaging video that conveys its message in compelling and relatable ways, and that spurs viewers to action. We also have an in-house editing team that manages the entire post-production process, which gives us the ability to ensure a consistently high caliber of work across all phases of the project’s execution.


These commercials and ads are used for many different avenues of distribution, from TV to OTT to Social Media; these videos are designed to convert prospects into customers.

Media Core serving Minnesota and Beyond

Why Create A TV Commercial

A TV Commercial is a way to get your special promotional or message out to the community, state, or nation in 15 or 30 seconds. There is a small window to get your overall point across to the viewer and an even smaller window to capture their initial attention.


Oftentimes businesses pay a premium for TV spot and OTT placements but only spend a fraction of that cost on the actual production of the ad that they will be airing. To have a large investment pushing out a poorly designed ad is a waste of resources and could also hurt your brand as well. If you’re thinking of cutting costs keep in mind that when it comes to brand perception, a poor-quality video is worse than no video at all and 60% of people who have a poor online video experience won’t engage with a brand.


This is why we pride ourselves in making the highest quality engaging ads in the area, putting a well-thought out and produced video behind all that valuable ad spend and placement.

We can help if…

You’d like to do more creative marketing, but are not sure how

You want to stand out from your competitors

You want your business to be judged by value, not price

You need to move prospects down the sales funnel faster

You’d like to try video marketing but don’t know where to begin

You want a digital 24/7 salesman working on your behalf

How We Create A TV Commercial

Arguably the most important element of a commercial, the concept conveys the intended meaning of a commercial. This is perhaps also the most fun aspect of your video’s production for us. Our creative juices get to flow with the sole intention of generating a buzz for your business. We immerse ourselves in your company to fully understand your product/service, customers, and desired target audience. We engage first hand in order to fully understand what you need in a commercial video for it to be successful in your market.

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No two of our engagements are the same but here is a look some different ways we typically help our clients get more customers and share their story through video marketing.

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