Video Business Card

Replace, automate, and upgrade your selling process in a captivating way.

Good videos create emotion, no one gets as excited and fired up about a pdf or powerpoint presentation than they do watching a video, which is why we create Video Business Cards.


A Video Business Card is the one video that every business needs. The VBC shows off your business in the best possible light, covering what makes you unique in your industry and telling others why you do what you do. In 60 seconds it will take the viewer on a journey throughout your whole business creating awareness and demonstrating credibility through building a human connection with the viewer.

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Why a Video Business Card

The Video Business Card is your tool to promote your business for you effectively and efficiently. When implemented – the VBC is designed to replace, automate, and upgrade the selling process. Nobody should be wasting your companies time until they’ve seen your VBC. Why? Because until a potential customer understands and has an emotional connection with your brand your time spent is expensive to be spent with unqualified prospects. Imagine if you are selling a high ticket item and before you ever pick up the phone to call the prospect already knows your purpose, they know what you offer, they know what makes you different.


And the best part? It will constantly market for you online while you are with other clients, relaxing, and even while you’re sleeping. It is truly your 24/7 salesman.

We can help if…

You’d like to do more creative marketing, but are not sure how

You want to stand out from your competitors

You want your business to be judged by value, not price

You need to move prospects down the sales funnel faster

You’d like to try video marketing but don’t know where to begin

You want a digital 24/7 salesman working on your behalf

How We Create A Video Business Card

In order to create a video that accurately represents your business and values we need to dive in and understand your company. Along with our Discovery meeting we have a pre-production meeting to learn more about what you do, how you do it, and why you do what you do. From there we can create organic interview questions that pull out what accurately represents your business and what values you have.


Getting the key players in the company to be on screen and share their narrative makes the video much more impactful as viewers can put a face and voice to the business. Along with interviews from the team we will capture day to day operations and showcase client interactions. As many facets of your business we can capture will help make the video more impactful.

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No two of our engagements are the same but here is a look some different ways we typically help our clients get more customers and share their story through video marketing.

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