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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Video?

This is by far the question we are asked most frequently. There’s no single answer to this question because all our video projects are customized, thus priced differently. Media Core is a high-end production house and our projects can range from $3500 and be up to tens of thousands. Compare your video quotes based on the value they add, not on price.

How Can I Improve My Social Media Presence?

Succeeding with social media video comes down to two key elements:


1. Making great content your audience will engage with
2. Having a smart, strategic distribution strategy


Anyone can make a video and pay for views. But if you need results, then your social videos must be created for – and distributed to – the right audience.


At Media Core, our creative process for social media success begins with a ton of research so our creative ideas are based on data and your desired outcomes. You get not only world-class ideas, but world-class strategies to make sure you get as many of the best views possible.

Can Your Video Company Help With Distributing My Video?

Yes, definitely! We offer several video distribution services and we’ll be more than happy to discuss which option fits your needs best. 

How Long Does It Take To Create A Video?

On average the turnaround once the project has the green light will be 2-4 weeks. This includes pre-planning, production, and editing. We push for fast turnaround times to make sure your video is ready to release with a cushion.

How Do I Select The Best Video Production Company?

Selecting a production crew to work on your video is a major decision. Watch the company’s work examples, check their references, search the web for the company’s reviews, and make sure they answer all your questions about their video production services and your project.


We’ve earned close to 50 reviews from our long list of clients (our reviews), and we can say with confidence that we’ll do an amazing job for you.

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