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Transform your content marketing and build a lasting connection with your audience.

Every company has a story to tell, but no one knows what that story is unless you tell it. Our team at Media Core of Rochester, Minnesota can help your company create a brand story video to tell your story. People don’t want to constantly be sold to; it gets old fast. This video is an organic way to connect with your potential customers rather than jamming a product down their throat. We put ourselves in our viewers’ shoes and think about what they will find interesting and what will make them take action.


If someone is interested in working with you, they will most likely check your website at some point. Having a video there to answer questions like these, before they’re able to misinterpret details or form false misconceptions is a huge asset. A brand story video is also great for just branding and marketing overall.

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Why a Brand Story Video

A brand story video tells the story of your company and its values. They can be a great tool for connecting with customers, sharing your passion, and humanizing your brand. A brand story video often features team members talking testimonial-style about what they do and why they do it.


One of the most common reasons to create a brand story video is to show off the personalities that make up your team along with the mission and values behind them. Again, it’s all about making a human connection with your customer. If you can form a real, human connection with prospective customers before they even step foot in your business, or call your phone, you’re already one step ahead of the competition.

We can help if…

You’d like to do more creative marketing, but are not sure how

You want to stand out from your competitors

You want your business to be judged by value, not price

You need to move prospects down the sales funnel faster

You’d like to try video marketing but don’t know where to begin

You want a digital 24/7 salesman working on your behalf

How to use a Brand story Video

A brand story video is often found on the company’s website and/or social media banners. When customers are researching companies, these are the videos that communicate why they will end up picking this company over others. 


More specifically company story videos are great pieces of content to include on the “About Us” or “Our Team” section of your website. It’s ideal to have buyers view these videos prior to making a purchasing decision, as customer story videos can help differentiate your brand and give potential customers the extra nudge they need to close the deal.


This style of video can also be used in email chains, as you may communicate with prospective clients through email. Engaging prospective clients with a video like this can be a powerful tool if implemented correctly in your sales process. If the paragraphs you currently send to clients can be put into a video instead, saving time and ultimately money then why not take advantage of that. It’s only going to increase the level of engagement you have with prospective clients/current clients.

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